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    Fangirling With Sarah Ramos

    n you believe I never went to Hollywood until now? I went to Disneyland and the beach when I was 5, but never saw anything celebrity related in LA. After spending 6 years with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, I finally got to see the real thing!

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    Adam Rodricks On Personal Branding

    Adam Rodricks

    Adam Rodricks is a digital marketer, professor and now author! His new book Trigger Fingers: Personal Branding Through Storytelling instantly beme a bestseller through pre-orders. He started his reer as a community manager for Staples nada and we met at a Staples store when he taught a workshop about Instagram. Thankfully I take a selfie with everyone I meet so I could pull it up 3 years later! Adam is currently the National Lead, Digital Marketing Services at KPMG nada and I’m excited to share his insights about personal branding.

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